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Thank you for participating in this survey! The Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) is conducting an online survey to understand how we can improve our programs, better member experience, and most importantly, strengthen our impact in the community. Your responses will remain anonymous and will only be used in aggregate with other responses.


This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please read each question carefully and answer to the best of your ability. By completing the survey, you have the choice to enter into a draw for a vegan cookbook. You will be able to enter your email information at the end of the survey for the draw.


Thanks again for filling out our survey!

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* In which region do you live
In addition to Canadian, which of the following ethnicities do you most associate with?
Canadian only
French Canadian
First Nations/Aboriginal
Hispanic/Latin American
Middle Eastern/West Asian/Arab
East Asian
South East Asian
South Asian

* Which of the following groups do you most strongly identify yourself with?
Omnivore (I eat plant and animal products)
Vegetarian (no meat, fish or fowl)
In transition to vegetarian
Vegan (no animal products of any kind including meat, fish, fowl, eggs or dairy)
In transition to veganism
Flexitarian (plant based diet with occasional inclusion of meat)
* How long would you say you have identified with the diet/lifestyle identified in the previous question?
* What was the main reason you decided to pursue this diet/lifestyle?
On a scale of 0-4, how do you feel about the following terms?
0 - Very Negative 1 - Somewhat Negative 2 - Neutral 3 - Somewhat Positive 4 - Very Positive Not sure
* Plant Based Lifestyle
* Vegetarianism
* Veganism
* Are you currently a member of the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA)?
No, but I have been a member in the past
No, I have never been a member of the TVA